Sad Cabaret

 Words and Music by © C.G. Wyatt and D. Devlin


The night was starless
You came from no where
Into our sad cabaret
I poured your coffee
You poured your heart out
Blew my defenses away
I gave you my address
You traded your time
For my loneliness

Neon Divided
Venetian blinded
Time passed in sweet disarray
One night of passion
One morning After
Two lovers gone separate ways
The way you looked at me
Is forever burned in my memory

The words you sing to me
Don't mean a thing to me
Here at the sad cabaret

Yesterday's heroes
Drink in dark corners
Here at the sad cabaret
Frustrated dreamers
Discarded lovers
I guess we're all here to stay
Call on us any time
But don't stay too long
You could lose your mind


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